Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I've been taking stock of my time, recently (I never have enough of it!) and realising that I'm spending too much time blogging - much as I enjoy it - and not half enough time writing fiction. I have decided, therefore, to amalgamate my Amber Heart and my Wordarts blogs. I'll be leaving the posts in place here, but I've also exported them all to my Wordarts blog here and that's where you'll be able to read any new material about the background to the novel from now on.
I can only keep up to so many blogs in any one month - but I still have quite a lot to say about the history and culture of Poland, so do sign up to Wordarts, if you're interested, and keep watching.

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  1. I'm not surprised Catherine. I have two blogs of my own and blog with AE and the Tuesday Poets and find it very difficult to keep up sometimes.
    I have just read the Amber Heart and really enjoyed it - have a liking for well-written family sagas! I will review it as soon as I can find a few moments to catch up.
    Hope it's all going well.